Six Steps to Take After a Trucking Accident

Posted on Wed Nov 24, 2021

Tractor trailer accidents can happen in an instant. These accidents are different from automotive accidents because of the different parties involved, as well as the different rules at hand. That is why knowing what to do after a truck accident is imperative when doing your best to protect your interests in claims and settlements. To help you, we at Warren and Simpson have provided a guide on what to do within the hours, days and weeks after a tractor trailer accident.

  1. The very first thing to do after a tractor trailer accident is contact 9-1-1 for medical and police assistance. Once that is accomplished, if you are able, proceed with the next guides. 

  2. Though your first thought might be to remove your vehicle off road, consider leaving your vehicle where it came to rest, unless it needs to be moved for safety precautions. Where the car came at rest preserves the details of the accident, and can provide insight into who might be at fault, as well as the order of events. If your vehicle does need to be moved, and you are able to do so, try to capture pictures safely of where your vehicle came to rest after the accident. 

  3. Take pictures and videos of the scene. If you can safely capture more photos and videos of the scene without endangering yourself or others, then it is advised to do so. Such evidence can be helpful in the claims and settlements of your case. 

  4. Ask witnesses to stay present at the scene until the police arrive and gather their contact information. A bystander to your truck accident could have witnessed key evidence. In this case, it would be beneficial to inquire if any bystander saw the accident and if they would be willing to give a statement to the police.

  5. It is important to avoid making statements or having conversations with other people besides the police. 

  6. Within days after the accident, you should seek an expert tractor trailer attorney. Warren and Simpson are experienced and highly equipped tractor trailer attorneys in Huntsville. We will guide you through the entire process because no one who has been in a truck accident should deal with it alone. These accidents not only cause physical harm, but can be emotionally distressing.

With our thorough efforts to investigate your accident and negotiate the terms that serve in your best interest, we ensure that you receive fair compensation after your tractor trailer accident. Knowing the ins and outs of truck accident cases is where we thrive at Warren and Simpson and we are dedicated to providing you services that you can trust. 

For help with seeking compensation after a truck accident, get in touch with a Huntsville tractor trailer attorney at 256-539-7575 or contact us online.