Five Ways to Prevent a Tractor Trailer Accident During the Holidays

Posted on Mon Nov 15, 2021

As the holiday season falls upon us, we find ourselves shopping intensely for those dear to us. With the dramatic increase in online shopping, it should come as no surprise that tractor trailers surround you as you travel on the road. 

Tractor trailer accidents are unfortunate accidents that can take a very large toll physically, emotionally and financially. While these types of accidents are always good to be cautious of in order to prevent, the holiday season poses a much greater threat than usual. 

During this holiday season, Amazon plans to hire around 150,000 staffers, about a 50% increase from the previous year. USPS plans to hire around 100,000 staffers and FedEx about 90,000 more staffers just to keep up with the holiday deliveries. The tasks of these individuals include storing, packing, and shipping of the items. The massive increase in deliveries means an increase in 80,000 pound rigs on the road which also means more fatal accidents. To prevent an accident with a tractor trailer, take the following precautions and protect yourself and your family. 


Top 5 Ways to Prevent a Trucking Accident

  1. Give them space. Providing these 80,000 pound rigs space is the number one tip. While you can not always avoid big vehicles, try to avoid tailgating and driving closely beside them for extended amounts of time. If you do have to pass them, do so cautiously. By giving tractor trailers space to maneuver you can help to prevent an accident. 
  2. Avoid blind spots. These big rigs have limited visibility, and thus, have far more blind spots. Driving directly behind, next to the doors of the rig’s cab, or directly in front of the truck can prove to be extremely dangerous. Avoid these spots by giving them space.
  3. Pass trucks carefully. Giving a big rig space does not mean to throw all precautions of basic traffic laws out of the window and get away from it. It is important to take careful action when passing by these rigs and staying aware in the moments that you are in their blind spots. Also stay on high alert of a truck’s turn signals to know if it is a smart move for you to attempt to pass the vehicle at that current moment. 
  4. Slow down. Speeding is not the answer when trying to avoid tractor trailers on the road. Slow down and give the truck driver the space and time in the event that the tractor trailer makes a sudden move. 
  5. Be on the lookout for wide right turns. Because of their size, these trucks will need more space to turn as well as more space for the truck to swing back left once the turn is completed. Stay attuned to your environment and provide the rig with plenty of room to make the action. 


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