Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Huntsville

Posted on Thu Jul 08, 2021

Huntsville has been gradually growing in size and is on its way to being the largest city in Alabama. With this growth also comes an increase in motorists and traffic accidents. The most common sites of these accidents are intersections. In 2019 there were 22 fatal accidents that occurred in the city of Huntsville with 8 of those fatal accidents involving pedestrians. If you or someone you know was seriously injured in a car accident through no fault of their own, a car accident attorney in Huntsville at Warren & Simpson is there for you.

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Intersections should be one of the safest times while driving, as cars and motorcycles are required to slow down and follow basic driving safety. Many intersections in Huntsville, however, have a myriad of issues.

  • Large amounts of traffic can block visibility, primarily when two large roads are intersecting. 

  • Many old signs can be difficult to read or confusing signage. 

  • Crosswalks that are not well-lit 

  • Obstruction due to the layout of the road, i.e., when there is a hill involved. 

When you are driving through Huntsville, AL, you will likely encounter some of these issues at the following intersections. 

  1. Old Madison Pike and Research Park Boulevard

  2. Jordan Lane and University Drive

  3. University Drive and Memorial Parkway (travelling south)

  4. Jordan Lane and I-565

  5. I-565 and Research Park

  6. Mastin Lake Road and Memorial Parkway

  7. Governors Drive and Memorial Parkway

  8. Sparkman Drive and I-565

  9. Jordan Lane/State Route 53 and Research Park Boulevard

  10. Memorial Parkway between Clinton Avenue and Governors Drive


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