Car Accident Lawyers Provide 9 Ways to Prevent an Accident

Posted on Fri Dec 10, 2021

The holidays are a time of year that many people look forward to. Unfortunately, many experience suffering because of injury or death due to accidents that, oftentimes, can be prevented. 

According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, in 2019, there were 15 fatal car accidents that occurred during the Thanksgiving holiday.  For Christmas and New Years travel, there were a total of 28. On average, there are at least 258 fatal accidents nationwide during the Thanksgiving holiday, with the Christmas and New Years holiday at an average of 476 fatal accidents nationwide. 

With the influx of out of town drivers, driving can become even more challenging. Sharing the road with unfamiliar drivers can present you with different challenges that you do not encounter on a regular basis. The weather also plays a large role in your driving efforts as temperatures drop, changing the conditions of the road and your vehicle. 

It is the alarming statistics and driving challenges that the holidays bring that give reason for you to take extra precaution when traveling. At Warren and Simpson, we are car accident attorneys that are here to help you by providing you with car accident preventative tips. 

9 Tips to Prevent a Fatal Car Accident

  1. Wear your seatbelt. Putting your seatbelt on when you get in the car should be a habit, but if it is not, ensure that you and your passengers are buckled up for preventative measures. 

  2. Obey all traffic signs and signals. Traffic signs and signals are there to help the flow of traffic. Ignoring these signals can cause a major accident. Do yourself a favor and obey them.

  3. Do NOT drive when extremely tired or fatigued. Tiredness and fatigue affect you mentally, impairing your ability to properly assess your current conditions. If you find yourself getting tired while driving, it is a better idea to stop and rest before continuing. 

  4. Use caution at night as visibility is diminished. Nightfall brings its own challenges during any time, but with weather conditions creating an even greater driving challenge, it is important to stay alert of your surroundings at night. 

  5. Do not use your cell phone while driving. Not texting and talking while driving are common phone usage precautions, but when traveling, GPS presents new precautions to take. Avoid using your phone altogether while driving to prevent yourself from being distracted at an important moment. 

  6. Obey the speed limit and do not drive too fast under current weather conditions. Staying within the speed limit is important for your everyday driving, however, it is also important to drive at a speed conducive to the current weather conditions. 

  7. Do not drive when under the influence. The holidays are a time when drunk driving statistics increase drastically. Prevent a fatal car accident by having a designated driver for your outing, or deciding to travel when you are sober. It does not matter if you’ve had a little to drink, or a lot, it is never a good idea to get behind the wheel when under the influence. 

  8. Get regular automotive check ups. Getting regular automotive checkups are extremely important as the weather conditions can have an affect on your vehicle. Making sure that your car’s fluids, brakes, tires and battery are in check can help to prevent fatal car accidents. 

  9. Be aware of other drivers. No matter how much precaution you may take, you still have to share the road. Part of being alert means to keep your eyes out for other drivers so that you can act as quickly and as best as possible to prevent an accident. 

It is always wise to take every measure in ensuring your safety and the safety of others. Follow these 9 Car Accident Preventative Tips during your holiday travels this year. 

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