Mac McCutcheon Luncheon Recap

Posted on Tue Oct 03, 2023

Warren & Simpson hosts a monthly luncheon for the North Alabama Bar Association, featuring prominent speakers. Past speakers include bestselling author-lawyers, NFL athletes engaged in child welfare, and former Alabama Governors. This month, we had the pleasure of hosting Mac McCutcheon, Chairman of the Madison County Commision, as our guest speaker.


In the heart of Madison County, Alabama, there resides a man whose life has been dedicated to serving the community. Mac McCutcheon, the Chairman of the Madison County Commission and former Speaker of the House for the Alabama Board of Republicans, has a remarkable journey of service and leadership that has spanned over the past few decades. Let's take a closer look at the life and career of this remarkable individual who has left an indelible mark on his hometown.

From Law Enforcement to Legislation

Mac McCutcheon's journey in public service began with a 25-year tenure at the Huntsville Police Department, where he devoted his life to ensuring the safety of his fellow citizens. In 2006, he made a leap into the world of politics by running for the House District, a decision that would eventually lead him to serve as the House Speaker until 2022.

His motivation for entering politics was a deep-seated desire to serve his community. McCutcheon's passion for innovation and his unwavering commitment to his constituents quickly became apparent. He took on roles such as Chairman of Transportation, where he played a pivotal role in shaping Huntsville's infrastructure.

However, it was his position as the Rules Chairman in 2014 that he cherished the most. McCutcheon found immense satisfaction in facilitating collaboration and innovative solutions among legislators, making it a highlight of his legislative career.

Championing Transparency and Accountability

McCutcheon's tenure as Speaker of the House was not without its challenges. At a time when political polarization was on the rise, he faced significant pressure to close debates on certain bills. However, he remained steadfast in his commitment to transparency and accountability. In one memorable instance, he allowed a debate to continue for six hours, despite political tensions. He firmly believed that the people of Alabama had a right to understand the legislation being discussed and to witness the democratic process in action.

A Shift in Focus: Madison County Commission

Upon retiring from the House Speaker position, Mac McCutcheon never anticipated his current role as the Chairman of the Madison County Commission. His initial plan was to work within foster care and transportation. However, destiny had other plans for him.

In his new role, McCutcheon's focus shifted from representing a single district to overseeing an entire county. He saw this transition as a continuation of his lifelong commitment to service. He now works tirelessly to ensure that county funds are allocated effectively to areas such as safety, education, and infrastructure, all with the goal of improving the quality of life for Madison County residents.

Planning for the Future

One of the key areas of concern for McCutcheon is long-range planning. He recognizes that Madison County has often been reactive rather than proactive in its governance. To address this, he has championed real budgeting practices to ensure that resources are used efficiently and wisely.

Moreover, McCutcheon places a strong emphasis on the well-being of county employees. He believes that they are the most valuable resource and is committed to providing competitive pay, training, and evaluation processes to foster a positive working environment.

Key Areas for Improvement

As Chairman of the Madison County Commission, McCutcheon has identified two critical areas for improvement: public safety and the quality of life for the community. He is particularly concerned about the future of the county courthouse and its impact on the community. Questions about whether to renovate the existing structure or build a new one, and where it should be located, remain pressing issues. McCutcheon is dedicated to ensuring that all necessary details are thoroughly addressed before making any decisions.

Parking is another significant concern that McCutcheon acknowledges, recognizing that it affects the accessibility and functionality of key county facilities.


McCutcheon's journey from law enforcement officer to legislative leader to Chairman of the Madison County Commission reflects a life dedicated to public service. His commitment to transparency, accountability, and improving the lives of Madison County residents is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his community. As he continues to shape the future of Madison County, one thing remains clear: Mac McCutcheon's service and leadership are a source of inspiration for us all.

We would like to once again thank Mr. McCutcheon for taking his time to speak with us. If you are interested in being a guest speaker at one of our future events, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mac McCutcheon Luncheon Recap