DHI Luncheon Recap

Posted on Thu Mar 28, 2024

Robert Bubbo, a visionary leader with a passion for urban revitalization, has been instrumental in shaping Downtown Huntsville's evolution.

Wes Neighbors Luncheon Recap

Posted on Mon Feb 26, 2024

Wes Neighbors is not just a steward of Bear Bryant's memory; he's a living testament to the enduring impact of the legendary coach.

John Graham Luncheon Recap

Posted on Fri Oct 27, 2023

Adult Drug Court Judge of Jackson County, through his leadership in the Jackson County Drug Court, has helped build a community founded on hope, forgiveness, and personal growth.

Mac McCutcheon Luncheon Recap

Posted on Tue Oct 03, 2023

A man whose life has been dedicated to serving the community, the Chairman of the Madison County Commission and former Speaker of the House of Alabama.

Mark Russell Luncheon Recap

Posted on Mon Aug 28, 2023

This month, we had the pleasure of hosting Mark Russell, Executive Director of the Huntsville Sports Commission, as our guest speaker.

Holly Ray Luncheon Recap

Posted on Mon Jun 26, 2023

Today, I am honored to shed light on the remarkable journey of Holly Ray, an unwavering advocate who has led a team of exceptional lawyers since 2007...

Fran Fluhler Director of Manna House Luncheon Recap

Posted on Wed Jun 14, 2023

Fran's journey began with a profound act of kindness rooted in a close friendship. Approached by her friend, who was struggling to access food stamps and needed assistance gathering groceries...

David Little of City Council 2 Luncheon Recap

Posted on Fri May 05, 2023

David has demonstrated his commitment to the community in various ways, including completing three programs at Leadership Greater Huntsville, serving on the boards of local nonprofit organizations...