Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Are you the victim of a drunk driving accident?

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Drunk driving frequently leads to car accidents with serious injuries. The car accident lawyers at Warren & Simpson have handled dozens of car accident cases involving drunk drivers. It is wise to hire a car accident lawyer with experience investigating and filing lawsuits in drunk driver cases. 

Why do I need a drunk driving accident lawyer?

Drunk driving accidents usually result in criminal charges, as well as a civil lawsuit. For the criminal case, the victim is represented by a city prosecutor or assistant district attorney. If the drunk driving accident happened in Huntsville’s city limits, the victim will be represented by a Huntsville City prosecutor. If the drunk driving accident happened in Madison County, the victim is represented by a Madison County assistant district attorney. The car accident lawyers at Warren & Simpson have great working relationships with city and county prosecutors across northern Alabama. 

When we are hired to represent a victim of a drunk driving accident, our lawyers and traffic accident investigators immediately begin investigating. Our investigations are frequently more detailed and thorough than the police officers or deputies who are dispatched to the scene. During our investigation, we obtain photographs of the scene of the crash, physical evidence like skid marks, and of the vehicles involved in the accident. We also obtain copies of the police investigation and quickly obtain statements from any eyewitnesses.

During our investigation, we also search for receipts in the drunk driver’s vehicle. Occasionally, we find receipts from liquor stores or gas stations where the drunk driver purchased alcohol. Preserving this evidence is important. It is important to start investigating drunk driving accident quickly before evidence disappears. 

Can I sue if I was a passenger in a drunk driving accident?

Yes, under Alabama law, most claims by passengers are barred by the Guest Passenger Statute. However, our experienced car accident lawyers are frequently able to get around the Guest Passenger Statute to settle cases for victims of bad accidents. 

Driving while drunk is a classic example of wanton conduct. Wanton conduct is the reckless disregard for the safety of others. The Guest Passenger Statute does not apply to wanton conduct. 

If you were a passenger in a drunk driving accident, you need to consult with a drunk driving accident lawyer. Call us at 256-539-7575 for a free consultation. 

Can I sue the business who served alcohol to a drunk driver? 

Evidence showing where the drunk driver obtained the alcohol is important because the evidence may help bring other defendants into the case. Businesses that sell alcohol have a responsibility to serve alcohol in a responsible way. If a business sells alcohol to someone who under the age of 21 or visibly intoxicated, and someone is injured or killed, then the business is responsible. This law is called the Dram Shop Act.

The purpose of the Dram Shop Act is to hold businesses responsible when they fail to sell alcohol in a safe manner. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you may also have a Dram Shop claim against the bar, restaurant, or convenient store who sold the alcohol. Dram Shop cases can be difficult to prove, so contacting a Huntsville car accident lawyer quickly is important. 

Can I sue the drunk driver’s employer if he was in a company vehicle? 

If you were hit by a company vehicle, do you pursue an action against the driver or the business? The answer depends on whether the driver was acting within the scope of their employment when the accident happened. Many drunk driving accidents in company vehicles occur after hours when the drunk driver is not working. In those cases, the company’s insurance would cover the drunk driver. 

Warren & Simpson has successfully handled over one hundred drunk driving cases against drunk drivers, their employers, and bars. Our drunk driving accident lawyers have obtained multiple drunk driving settlements of more than $1million.