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Why Partner with Warren & Simpson?


Our lawyers are TRIAL lawyers, not settlement lawyers. Our lawyers have tried hundreds of jury trials and obtained dozens of seven-figure verdicts & settlements, including the largest personal injury jury verdict in Madison County history as well as the highest personal injury settlement in Madison County history. This means we know how to set up a personal injury case for maximum financial compensation.


Our case management system ensures that work is started immediately, lawsuits are filed quickly and discovery is kept on schedule. What does this mean to you? You get paid faster.


We follow the Alabama Rules for Professional Conduct and all fees are laid out clearly from the start. Clients are on board, you are kept in the loop and the agreed upon referral fee is always paid.

Process / Steps

We are honored when asked to serve as co-counsel by other lawyers. The majority of Warren & Simpson’s cases come from referring lawyers who trust us with their personal injury litigation cases. We work with hundreds of referring lawyers across the country.


We often work with fellow personal injury lawyers who need assistant on catastrophic injury cases. Many of our referrals come from personal injury lawyers who practice outside of the Huntsville area or are local lawyers who are in the early stages of their careers.

We also offer an educational opportunity lawyers who want to stay involved with the cases they have referred. We assist with written discovery, party depositions, doctor depositions, and, of course, preparing for trial. If you are a personal injury attorney who is looking for someone to partner on a case, not just take over the case, then please contact our office.

Stop referring your cases out to law firms who are not interested in helping you grow as a lawyer and trial attorney. Call us today to learn about our litigation partner referral program.

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We have an entire process to make this extremely simple for you. We want to ensure that clients who call you are immediately hooked up with us and taken care of. Injured parties should be seeking medical treatment asap, so it is critical that these callers find their way to us fast.

We have developed a two-tiered referral fee system and we leave it to the referring lawyer to determine what percentage of the fee they will get.


  • MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS: cars, ATVs, buses, tractor-trailers, motorcycles, bikes, boating, railroad, pedestrian, cross-walk accidents, etc.
  • NURSING HOME ABUSE: bedsores, infectious diseases, improper medication, falls, broken bones, dehydration, wrongful death.
  • PERSONAL INJURY ACCIDENTS: slip and fall, dog bites, swimming pool accidents, apartment complex accidents, burn and scar injuries, assault, and battery injuries, sexual assault injuries, wrongful death, paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain injuries, birth injuries, electrocution, construction accidents.

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